We have finally decided on the book cover, see the image on the side bar. After lots of debate we are really happy with it. We feel it is a strong image and an attractive cover. The designers initially came up with two colour schemes – a fabulously retro brown and orange version with a skull on and the blue and green version with the spine. We really struggled to find a representative image for the work we do, the spine is still a compromise but it speaks of the midline and takes the focus away from just the cranium, we also find we both orient to the spine a huge amount in practice.

We could not cope with just a skull, that, plus the title of Cranial Intelligence, felt too narrow a focus. Any craniosacral therapist will tell you that we spend far too much time convincing people that we do more than head massage. We tried a version of an embryo, Ged and I both really liked it, but embryos do not mean much to people without a background in the work. You can see the image of the embryo we nearly used below. We hope you like the final version, please let us know.