Since the advent of nuclear physics and the study of the atom, it has become more and more evident that the atomic world is not at all what we expected. The smaller you go the less mass there seems to be. At the macro level of the universe it seems that there’s structure and that objects have mass. Planets, people, cars, trees and so on. But observing the atom suddenly there seems to be hardly any mass at all i.e. there’s hardly anything really solid in the atom. Mostly it’s the nucleus which is made of protons and neutrons that has mass but that’s a small part of the atom, most of which is made of electrons which hardly have any mass at all and show properties of both particle and wave i.e. mass and light. These days the atom is viewed as having an electron cloud around it that has more in common with energy than matter. If you took all of the humans on the planet, and got rid of all of the space within their atoms and just kept the bits that definitely show as matter then you would have the human race reduced down to the size of a sugar lump. Therefore 99.99% of our body is space, not matter. Truly that’s one of the mysteries of modern science. Do we start to experience this as craniosacral therapists when we orient to a very wide perceptual field. Very similar affects seem to be experienced in this state that relate to a lack of matter and a shift towards space and energy. The experience of long tide is the body becoming light in weight and phantom like as if its hardly there as an object of mass at all, and there’s much more similarity with a world made of light energy. As we shift from an orientation to mass to an orientation to light waves, we reveal our dual nature that is held within our very atoms.