This came out of a recent undergraduate seminar I did for Body Intelligence in Vancouver. They are things that I think are useful to name before and after a treatment to establish some sense of change.

Appreciation of the whole organism as an amoeba that feels open or closed

Moving towards, creative, consciousness is expansive, open to new experiences

Moving away, contracted, fearful, fixed

Two poles of the Autonomic Nervous System

Busy, activated, adrenal, racing hard to settle, tight, buzzing

Diffuse, hard to contact, hidden, fragmented

Ability of practitioner (and client) to be aware of whole body

Holistic shift as presence of the whole body

Easy to find the whole outline of the body, no parts are missing, especially feet and back and abdomen are present

Is the client dissociating?


Can this person orient to resources in their body in present time?

Is there a sense of lots of potency in the system, even if it is blocked?

Embodied resources are often easiest to find via mid tide and a sense of settling in the fluids


Can you get a sense subtle rhythmic phenomena?

Ability to express primary respiration and changes in the tide are an essential feature of cranial work


Can the system go still?

Any possibility of stillness during a session is useful


Any expressions of midline phenomena are fundamental to health

Change is often experienced as a coming back into relationship to the midline

Shapes and shifts in shapes

Is there a change in the shapes in the body?

How does this person’s unique history alter the pattern of tidal movements of the body?

How precise can you be with awareness of the shapes?