I notice when I treat how the body’s most common initial response is to orient to muscular fascial reorganisation. Then after a number of adjustments, there is a shift towards a visceral autonomic reorganisation. This is a more physiological change that eventually leads to a general gearing down of the central nervous system tone before dropping into a fluid state. I’m coming to believe more and more that the fluid state is a relationship to the neuroendocrineimmune system which therefore brings about deeper and in a way ultimate change in physiology. The sequence is therefore:

Structural state
Fluid state

It’s like the body initially acts from the outside in. Later, once its found the fluid state it can shift back to structure. It makes sense though that the body should respond from it’s fascia first as it’s the most sensitive tissue field in the body and is the surrounds for all structure, it therefore leads the way in adjustments and stimulates all other tissues to do the same.

I’ve also described a typical movement from a CRI landscape to Mid Tide. The body when offered a free relational field will prioritize structural adjustments before dropping into fluids.

In a way everything is to do with fascia and once the structure within fascia has moved through states of balance then there is a sinking into the fluids that are within it, that is, into the Interstitial fluid space that exists in a totally connected relationship to collagen and the connective tissue matrix. The interstitial space is where hormones come into contact with immune and body cells.