You can learn to know your body with a much greater awareness than is commonly experienced. In that awareness tremendous detail of your anatomy comes to you as you learn to discriminate the different structures and processes going on within you. This leads to an exquisite sensitivity that revolutionizes your body chemistry, your muscles and joints, your heart and blood flow and your nervous system resulting in a more balanced, stronger and energized state.

A BCST practitioner touches the client’s body with a highly developed felt sense of their own system and a honed ability to listen through touch that creates a phenomenal space which is both stimulatory, reflective and therapeutic. There’s a remarkable ability we all have that can only be tapped in relationship with another, it’s the ability to creatively reorganize our structure. The body can morph and adjust from within itself, through its own body intelligence. All it needs is the right environment which is supplied by the practitioner’s touch and presence. It’s a knowing presence that appreciates the body and can listen to the shape of things. When touch is able to open up to health and deeply acknowledge the overwhelming strength and order in our bodies then there is a revolution that produces new forms. Tissues and structures automatically shift and adjust in a sequence and order that is emerging from within the body system not from outside. The therapist is like an advocate of the client’s physiology and that empowers the body to drop into its deeper mechanisms of renewal that have their basis in how the body was formed during embryonic and fetal development. These forces often lie dormant in the background only to be catalysed into action through the right touch.

When health is sought for, traumatic patterns, pain and suffering can all be smoothly synthesized into a new order as the body dissolves into a deep fluid state that underlies the physical. This is a medium for the nervous system to regulate, muscles to relax and organs to transpose to a new chemistry. In the shifts and adjustments there is greater freedom of movement both at the micro and the gross levels.

The body holds huge possibilities for recovery and regeneration and joints that are painful and distorted can become at ease and mobile. The body can glide and re-posture as the BCST practitioner facilitates a relational field to the inherent life forces that are present in the body. Latent patterns of emotion and mental states emerge and resolve with the physiological changes to produce reorganization that is systemic. When change takes place across the whole body system there is deep integration and long term resolution is possible.