There’s 100 billion neurons in the brain. Each neuron has 10,000 connections to other neurons which therefore makes 1,000,000,000,000,000 connections for the whole brain or 1 quadrillion for short which is more than the number of particles in the Milky Way. So your brain is bigger than a galaxy. You have a galactic capacity to think and perceive that is enormously underused. Let’s test that theory by using our neural matrix to open up to the complexity and enormity of life as it’s perfectly designed for it. Your brain has so many potential connections it is way more powerful than the biggest computer system in the world and can organize and process information in ways you have never appreciated. Here’s an exercise to access this remarkable network and come into relationship with your galactic mind.

Let your mind settle for a minute by closing your eyes and letting your breathing slow. Come into body awareness and be in sensation. Notice your midline structures and the neural tone within them. That’s the activity of your neurons as they impulse. Know that there is an endless hum of activity here – day and night – streaming through your body. Most of the impulses are in the brain from neuron to neuron. Wait and listen to the synaptic melody that interplays through trillions of pathways and your mind will start to reveal how complex it truly is and how mobile. Feel into its 3D nature. The potential of the our central nervous system is almost limitless. Even though we live our lives in a groove our neural nature is able to offer much more remarkable abilities than getting up in the morning and running through the same events each day – it can open up to the stream of life by a mirrored relationship to the stars around us. It’s nature is to be complex and flexible. Your mind is galactic in its capacity, not just a small lump of material in your head but through its matrices of connections you are a galaxy.

Now that you’ve become open to the pathways in your brain, be interested in the space between them and the space of your neural matrix. That’s the space in your brain, just like the space out there in the cosmos. It’s what the stars move in. It’s what your mind operates in. Look at the pictures below and let the images filter into your system.