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Japanese Prime Minister holding a bowl of tea at a tea ceremony

I love green tea. We travelled in Japan a few years ago and discovered really good quality Sencha and Matcha. My morning cuppa has changed forever. Matcha particularly was a revelation, it is powered green tea and a taste sensation when prepared well. The preparing it well is the hard bit (1). A full Japanese tea ceremony can take hours. There is a whole philosophy and world view (Chanoyu or the Way of Tea (2)) tied up in the simple act of making, sharing and drinking tea. I am learning to appreciate the power of ritual and consistency as I attempt to improve my matcha making skills. Maybe only the Zen tradition could refine such a simple process to create a rich cultural tradition, with principles such as harmony, purity, and tranquility. The picture above shows how even the powerful can offer respect and humility in receiving and holding a simple bowl.

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